A Lust for Fashion: Skirt, blouse, clutch and sunglasse from ASOS.com,...

  1. Skirt, blouse, clutch and sunglasse from ASOS.com, shoes from Faith.

    A summer look?

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  17. terrystwocents said: Love the color combinations of the skirt and the shirt! Very summery!
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    Skirt, blouse, clutch and sunglasse from ASOS.com, shoes from Faith. A summer look?
  28. divalaeva answered: Yes
  29. kohture answered: the top is a little see-through but if you put on a tank under that it would be really cute!
  30. hellloimchloee answered: <3
  31. fashioncanbemasculine answered: Totally. <3
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  33. p-ramid answered: love it :)
  34. foxygrotesque answered: nice! Love this outfit! xx
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