A Lust for Fashion


  2. When it comes to nails I’m a bit of a perfectionist. My own nails are pretty pathetic so I wear glue on ones most of the time. They make for a bigger nail bed and also stay in tact so there’s no chipping! Probably the biggest - and my favourite - nail trend at the moment is using a tone that’s almost skin coloured. There’s something so elegant and feminine about it. You can keep it matte or add a thin layer of sheer gloss as a top coat for a shine. Go for a shade slightly lighter than your skin tone to elongate and slim down your fingers.

    (Source: lustforfashion.com)


  3. New Rimmel Lipstick! 

    I bought this today and am so happy to have finally found the perfect shade!


  4. Tommy Ton shoots backstage at Paris Fashion Week.


  5. Loreal Primer - my new favorite thing. It makes your skin completely even and means your makeup will last all night… or day if you’re not nocturnal like I seem to be at the moment. 


  6. Christmas is so expensive so I thought i’d share this little treat with you! A No7 gift set originally £65, now £30. Perfect! Click here.


    • No7 Protect and Perfect Day Cream (50ml),
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