A Lust for Fashion

  1. We’ve seen some great collaborations with H&M and we’re in for another treat! Style icon Anna Dello Russo has created a range of accessories for the store. Being the fashion forward woman she is she has put her own personal style into the pieces, with an array of bold designs. Here’s a sneaky peak, what do you think?

    Launched in stores and online October 4th.


  2. I bought two little bracelets and they came today! Ollie will call me a hipster but I love them. I’m too into crosses at the moment.


  3. I went into the “junk” room in my house to weigh myself this morning (bad idea!) and found these beautiful natural stones. I’m thinking of making them into necklaces, perhaps at different lengths so I can wear more than one at a time. Another option is to glue them onto an arm cuff for a piece of statement jewelery!

    I’m torn! What do you think?!

    (Source: alustforfashion.blogspot.com)


  4. A new ring.


  5. Badass earrings.