A Lust for Fashion

  1. So my leather obsession seems to be growing and instead of double denim I’ve embraced a bit of double leather. It may not be okay but feel like I should be riding on the back of a motor bike with a bunch of bearded men!


  2. It’s so lovely in the UK today, the sun is out and the sea looks so beautiful! My family have been visiting this weekend so posts have been lacking a little. I promise to get more personal ones up, now the suns out I have no excuse! 

    I’m wearing a pair of sunglasses identical to one of the pairs in my giveaway this week. Don’t forget to “like” Lust for Fashion on Facebook and comment your name on the picture to be in with a chance to win! (Click here to go to the Facebook page


  3. Life is a bit strange at the moment! I’m back from London again to look after my mum and her broken ankle! Trying to figure out what I want to do with myself next year and how I want to do it.


  4. I LOVE A NEON BEANIE. I’m sorry I just do. I may look like a traffic cone and spark attention from across the street but hey, at least people know i’m there.

    Underneath is possibly the best book ever made - Fashion by Charlotte Seeling.

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  5. Outfit of the day. 

    It’s sunny! Finally! I wore a white jersey dress paired with my leather jacket and  black accessories. Slip off the heels and this outfit is actually really comfy! That’s a black beanie i’m clutching by the way.. 

    View more pictures here


  6. Blazer - Topshop, Shorts and Blouse - ASOS